Jason Chaffetz: Tech’s pace ‘scares a lot of members of Congress’

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This should concern all of us. Congress and the Supreme Court are not particularly tech savvy, which frankly in 2014 means life savvy.

There is really no excuse at this point for members of Congress not to understand the rudiments of the information economy. And the Supreme Court is just getting used to email.

Tech is what makes many of the lives and livelihoods of Americans possible. And we’ve got people voting on legislation which impacts our lives and livelihoods who simply don’t understand what they are voting on.

(From Politico)

If you’re asking whether Washington has kept pace with technological innovation in Silicon Valley, Rep. Jason Chaffetz has a blunt response: “Are you kidding?”

“There are very few people who understand or appreciate tech,” Chaffetz (R-Utah) said at POLITICO’s The Future of Mobile event Thursday. “I think it scares a lot of members of Congress.”

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And because it’s such a great clip, I include and oldie but a goodie. Senator Stevens from Alaska explaining what the Internet is. Funny, but it makes a great point.

The Internet you see, is a “series of tubes.”