Nancy Pelosi Plans To Meet With Teenagers Crossing Border

Pelosi eye cc

We wonder how she will travel to Texas. Will it be the way she traveled as Speaker, by Defense Department jet stocked with special order liquor and snacks?

Pelosi used to commandeer Defense department planes almost every weekend to return to San Francisco. But she didn’t like them because they often had to stop to refuel. So in 2008-9, in the midst of the Crash she had Congress authorize the Defense Department to buy three Gulfstream jets intended solely to carry her and others in luxury. In those days, her on-board liquor bill alone was running $1,000 a week.

We are not sure whether she lost that perk when she ceased to be speaker, but expect she still makes use of those planes. If anyone knows, please let us know.

We can just picture her riding in a gulf stream to photo op with the poor children flooding across the border because of her and the president’s policies.

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