Politico writes: “So much for the Obamacare comeback.”

You are right folks. Birth control IS NOT their business. That's why they shouldn't be compelled by the government to pay for it. And BTW how terrible is the #notmybossbusiness hashtag? It makes no sense.
You are right folks. Birth control IS NOT your boss’s business. That’s why they shouldn’t be compelled by the government to pay for it.

To be fair there was no comeback. It’s been failing pretty much all along and as we noted in an earlier post the program has probably already started down the “death spiral.” But the Supreme Court, which suddenly seems to be asserting itself in the face of an overreaching executive handed the Obama administration and Obamacare another significant loss.

In what seems like an obvious conclusion to us the SCOTUS ruled that closely held companies don’t have to pay for “birth control” (the real issue here is the so called morning after pill, which some believe is a form of abortion not contraception) under the Obamacare regime if the company objects to doing so on religious grounds.

That’s right, if you own a company and you object to “birth control,” you don’t have to pay for the birth control of your employees. How can anyone have a problem with this? Who owns the company anyway the shareholders or the government?

For sure this is a victory for social conservatives, but the victory is just as big and perhaps bigger for those of us who only care about being left alone and who remain very concerned about the massive vehicle for crony capitalism which is “The Affordable Care Act.”

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