Statist freakout at Portland State: Socialists shut down meeting rather than have the discussion recorded. (Video)

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These are the sorts of folks I’m talking about when I say that the “hipster fascists” are the enemy of an open sourced society. Of course it is probably fair to say that not one person in this meeting room would identify themselves as a “fascist.” In fact as this was a gathering of American socialists they would likely jump up and down swearing that they weren’t fascists and that in fact they fought fascism and everything fascism stands for. — Well clearly, just watch their open minds at work in the video.

It has been my experience that many folks who fear a free press, who fear being recorded, fear it for a reason. If a meeting is public, in a public space, it is fair game. If a meeting is in someone’s living room it is not. This meeting happened in a public space.

But instead of carrying on, as one would do in a free society, these folks feared that what they had to say might get out. As such they shut down the whole meeting. Seems an odd disposition for people who presumably believe in grass roots “worker” solidarity. Just imagine how fun they’d be if they actually ran anything.

Cameras have limits. There are places where cameras should not go. But thank God cameras are as ubiquitous as they are. They do have the tendency to keep people honest.  Looks like that was the case here.

Works with cops too.