The Higher Education Monopoly

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Does Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) really think that putting government in charge of college accreditation will make higher ed more competitive? Is he that naive?

Maybe he is that naive. This is the man who, when he seemed to be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for president, let Democratic senators like Charles Schumer lure him into an immigration bill that was full of special deals for private interests. If Rubio wanted an immigration bill with amnesty, he should have offered his own clean bill without all the hundreds of pages of murky language and special interest give aways. The Democrats deliberately tried to besmirch him and he walked right into their trap.

Rubio is right that higher education is controlled by a club of insiders. But monopolies don’t usually last long without assistance from government. If government ran accreditation, how long would it take for private interests to take over that accreditation process? Once they did so, with the power of government behind them they would be more entrenched than ever.

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