For a family of 4 it takes roughly this much money per year to live the “American Dream” (Most families don’t come close.)

american-dream cc

Answer: $130,000/year.

In places like Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco it costs a heck of a lot more than that. Life is not inexpensive. The median income per household in the USA by the way is about $51,000/year. So good news everyone, you’re almost halfway there!

Wages adjusted for inflation are actually in decline and have been since the beginning of the Great Recession. This is what happens in a crony economy. The connected get wealthier, and those on the outside have to hustle that much harder.

Are you a banker with access to Federal Reserve funds or a government employee who has a guaranteed COLA built into your taxpayer funded job (and ridiculous pension), or a government contractor which has ridden the wave of warfare over the last decade or so? Well, then things haven’t been so bad for you over the past few years. The productive part of the economy? Well, we live in reality.

And I sure am glad the Middle Income Healthcare Redistribution Act aka Obamacare went through. (And don’t forget the health insurance corporations wrote a bailout for themselves into the law.)  Middle class folks have plenty to spare. Yeah, Obamacare is “fair.” 

I am about done with the word “fair.”

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