US News: Hillary Clinton has raised over $1 billion from Wall Street

GS Hillary cc

US News thinks that Hillary Clinton’s formidable fundraising ability is a giant advantage, and there is no doubt that it is. But it is also a liability. Ms. Clinton has raised over $1 billion from the #BailoutBanks over the last 2 decades. A key benefactor right now (also Obama’s in 2008) is Goldman Sachs, king of the #BailoutBanks.

But the money equation may be starting to change a bit. If voters percieve that a candidate is bought – and this is much easier to see with the Internet – they may actually make a candidate pay. Such was the case in Virginia last month. One of the things that knocked off Eric Cantor a month ago was a feeling that the powerful legislator was a representative of Wall Street. The Majority Leader lost even though he out raised his challenger in the primary 10 to 1. That’s not supposed to happen. The cronies count on it not happening.


The bet by Clinton and her people is that when it comes down to it the American people will fall in line and once again accept that there is no justice in this world so they might as well vote for her, because she’s a woman. That, and at least she’s not Obama. That is the calculus. There is the hope that a wave of ignorance, partisanship, and gender identification will sweep Ms. Clinton into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So what if she is tied in directly with the Too Big To Fail crowd. That is so, like, 2010. Haven’t the people by now learned that they exist as annuities, as profit centers, as debt serfs for the banks. The “people” will vote for Hillary Clinton and by extension the #BailoutBanks and like it. Because what else are they going to do? Actually object? Call BS on the “2 party system”? Come on, the peasants know who’s in charge and they will bow as they are instructed.

Unless they don’t.

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