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Month: August 2014
The Man Behind the Hong Kong Miracle

Technically Hong Kong is now part of communist China, yet today it is perhaps the freest and one of the wealthiest places on Earth. One man, Sir John James Cowperthwaite, had everything to do with this.

Colbert, Fallon and late night crony capitalism

New York is not the most straightforward place to do business. The politicians of the state have long asserted their “right” to meddle (one way or the other) in the affairs of the private sector. Late night comedy it appears...

Koch Brothers Take On Camo-Wearing Cops

Pleased to see this. We have no affiliation with the Kochs for the record. (Seems we always have to say this.) Contrary to what we are often told in the media, and by Harry Reid, the stances the brothers take...

CNBC: A 60% drop in stocks? (Video)

We’ve had an amazing run in the markets and many people think the bull will just keep on running. Maybe so. But eventually every bull runs out of steam even ones which are fed by the Fed.

Political Clout Pays Off Big for Elon Musk’s SpaceX

Crony capitalism stinks all the away around but when young innovative companies engage in it it’s especially frustrating. Elon Musk, Mr. SpaceX and Mr. Tesla, has long benefited from the goodwill of the American (or in this case Texas) taxpayers.