American people tell pollsters: ‘Everything is terrible’

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I wouldn’t say everything. We’ve had a very nice summer in Virginia. Not too hot. Kind of what I imagine Summer in Ithaca New York is like.

But it’s true. On the political and economic front things just don’t look good.

Economically we continue to muddle along moving forward barely (sort of) all the while the specter of renewed recession dogs us with every step. The market feels hot in the wrong way. It’s a bit cooler now than a few weeks ago but still dangerous. The average family makes 7% less now than it did in 2007 adjusted for inflation. Jobs for many are still hard to come by. Things aren’t good.

Internationally all hell has broken lose.

From Egypt, across the Levant, north into the Crimea and east into the Caucasus things are on fire. Better thank your lucky stars that fracking has turned this country into a net exporter of oil or else things would be much dicier. In fact I am now officially nominating (well not officially) the developers of fracking technology for the Nobel Peace Prize.

China is building lighthouses where it’s not supposed to be. Japan is considering abandoning the pacifist elements of its constitution.  Europe seems to be wandering around with no idea of what is going on. We still don’t know why the first Malaysian Airliner went down (The first one. Remember in the Indian Ocean – we think.) And we really don’t know what happened with the second one either.

And now we are dropping bombs in Iraq – again.

Yeah things aren’t good. On the other hand we could all be in Israel or Gaza. Or northern Iraq. Or the Ukraine.

(From Politico)

Murray said the outlet’s pollsters were struck by “just how angry the American public is right now,” but he added that the increasing number of issues may be another factor that aids incumbents seeking reelection.

An NBC poll with The Wall Street Journal, also released Tuesday, saw record-low job approval rates for Obama and dismal numbers for Congress. But with plenty of blame to go around and plenty of issues angering voters, lawmakers are all feeling the heat, rather than one member or party being a target of disdain.

The attached article is primarily interested in how the disaffection will affect coming congressional elections. Why is it that people across the board don’t like either candidate. From sea to shining sea this seems to be true.

Gee, I wonder.

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