Big Pharma Given Control Of New “.pharmacy” Domain; Only Available To ‘Legitimate’ Online Pharmacies

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This is a move against Canadian pharmacies (primarily) which offer high quality drugs for sale at much lower prices than what is found in the USA.

Big Pharma has done everything it can to protect itself from competition. As my partner Hunter Lewis pointed out in his most recent book on crony capitalism the pharmaceutical companies and government are very closely tied, especially in the wake of Obamacare. They scratch each other’s backs. There is a reason why Pharma, more than oil and gas, more than finance, is considered the most powerful lobby in Washington DC.

So what does “legitimate” mean? Who gets to define these terms? Looks like Big Pharma, and that is bad for everyone.

Except the crony drug companies of course.


This is something new. Hitherto, there has been no danger of this kind of discrimination against particular classes of Internet users, since registry operators were focused on maximizing profits by getting as many domains issued as possible. That won’t be the case for .pharmacy, where the aim is to police the online pharmacy world, and to protect the generous profits of big pharma — not make a few dollars selling a domain or two. Assuming that happens, we can probably expect other industries to follow suit in creating and controlling new domains, and for the Internet to become less free and neutral.

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