Bow to your Federal masters, States must comply with laws/taxes or feel the wrath of Washington DC

More than ever.
More than ever.

Over the past 100 years the US Constitution has been continually undermined by interests in Washington DC. Our once fairly simple and straightforward system has been utterly corrupted by a century of lawyering and power consolidation.

When I was in college studying political science one of the issues which came up generally was how hard our system made it to implement “programs.” I remember one of my professors waxing on about France and how great it was that the education minister in Paris once bragged that he knew the exact page students were studying across the country at any given time and on any given date. I thought it sounded horrifying. But I was (probably) in the minority.

But even as “difficult” as our system is/was it didn’t seem to me to be holding back the planners. Every year government grew. There were new regulations, there were new declarations from on high. Consolidation of power was unrelenting. And this was before September 11th.

Now we are at a crisis point it’s probably fair to say. The Constitution is not only manipulated and twisted, teased, and trampled, it is often ignored. This is very dangerous but it is far from hopeless. The Bush/Obama era in American history can be corrected. We can turn back. We can declare today the high water mark of the state. We can get back to some sort of rational system of government. It is absolutely possible. Just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

There are immense vested interests of course who will fight a restoration of the Constitution at every turn so the fight for legitimately smaller government will be a long slog. It will take working with new allies and it will take thinking in innovative ways. It will involve understanding the vested interests, dealing with them, and finding a way for these interests to exit the stage without losing face. This includes corporate interests, unions, and other interest groups.

Solutions to difficult problems will have to be found using noncoercive, more modern and humane methods. Command and control is pure 20th Century, the century of Communism, Fascism, the New Deal, the income tax, and the Federal Reserve Act. Free the market of ideas. Let innovation flow. Win/win solutions can be found to all sorts of things people generally consider social problems.

The USA right now is a big bloated beast lurching this way and that trampling much of what is good about America. The beast must be reined in for the sake of this great country. Thankfully we have the means to bring the monster to heel. It’s called the Constitution.

(From The Atlantic) Federal “assistance” to the states currently accounts for 30 percent of state budgets, on average. Since the early 1980s, the federal government has transferred about 15 percent of its budget to the states, which is almost as much as the federal deficit in an average year. Why does the federal government borrow so much money, only to transfer it to the states? Do the states really need that much help? They don’t. States have their own taxing authority. The real reason for federal “assistance” lies in the conditions that come attached to it, which allow the feds to dictate state policies and even what the states do with large chunks of their own money. The result is a massive increase in real federal control and real federal spending—entirely behind the scenes.

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