Civil Asset Forfeiture Looks Like A Criminal Enterprise

"You have the right to give us all your stuff."
“You have the right to give us all your stuff.”

Yes it does. And it’s the cops who are doing it.

(From Investors Business Daily)

In 2007, Jennifer Boatright and Ron Henderson were driving through Texas on annual trip to see Henderson’s father. Pulled over by police for driving in the left lane without passing, they were taken to the station and told they fit the drug dealers profile — though no drugs were found on them or in the car, and they were traveling with Boatright’s two young sons.

But they did have a roll of cash to buy a car at their destination. Apparently it caught the eye of police.

At the station, they were given two choices: face charges of money laundering and child endangerment, or sign over their cash to the city of Tenaha in return for the promise no criminal charges would be filed.

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