CNN Poll finds very few trust government, 13%! (Well, I guess we are making some progress)

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This is not just about a loss of faith in Obama. It isn’t even the most important factor. The distrust coincides with the increased power and political education of the electorate thanks to the Internet.

When Gutenberg’s printing press put Bibles into the hands of the common person, as literacy expanded beyond the priestly caste, as people began to read the words of Jesus for themselves, they began to see that the guys calling the shots didn’t live up to what the Bible said was the duty of man.

Likewise the Internet has exposed the secular, modern priestly class. Instead of taking the word of a handful of information gatekeepers at NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, people can now go online and analyze what’s going on from multiple sources, not just the government approved sources.

This is why last year Secretary of State John Kerry lamented that the Internet made it harder to “govern.”

You’re darn right. Because the people are now more informed and the god-like air which has hung over the shamans in Washington is quickly ebbing away. People are demanding a seat at the table. People are demanding that leaders actually listen. People are demanding that the money which is taken for taxes – money which could go to pay for things like college – is spent in a way which at the very least isn’t insulting. People are demanding competency and efficiency in their government at all levels, from school board to the presidency.

Yeah, we don’t trust the government because now we can see what’s going on.

(From Politico)

According to a CNN/ORC International poll, 13 percent of Americans say they trust the federal government to do what is right at least most of the time, the lowest figure recorded in more than 55 years of reporting.

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"Poll finds very few trust government." Jonathan Topaz,, 2014-08-08.

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