Conservative National Review questions cops in Ferguson

Cop cc

There was a time when “law and order” conservatives ruled the political plains. A time when we were much more racially polarized (we were, much more) and many white people saw the police as the line between them and a lawless underclass. Police were given quite a lot of leeway. People often looked the other way.

This is increasingly no longer the case as the reaction to the “Starship Troopers” in Ferguson from many of those on the Right shows. Many conservatives realize now that perhaps arming police forces to the teeth wasn’t such a good idea after all. Too bad they didn’t listen to their libertarian brethren back at the dawn of the Homeland Security era. Hopefully it’s not too late to do something about the armies of supercops.

(From The National Review)

A police department habitually conducting its business in secrecy and arresting people for documenting its public actions is more of a threat to liberty and property than those nine looters are. 

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