PA Department of Agriculture cracks down on seed libraries*

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This is insane. A small town wants to have a place where people can come and get seeds for free, perhaps some of them “heirloom” seeds, so that they can plant a garden from season to season. The state Department of Agriculture hears about it and brings officials and lawyers into the town to explain that the seed library is in violation of the 2004 Seed Act.


“We did talk to the county extension office before establishing the seed library,” Darr told Cumberland County commissioners at their meeting Thursday morning. “We were never apprised of the Seed Act.”

The commissioners were equally flabbergasted by the change of events, as well as with how the agriculture department handled the investigation — sending a high-ranking official and lawyers to a meeting with the library…

…“Agri-terrorism is a very, very real scenario,” she said. “Protecting and maintaining the food sources of America is an overwhelming challenge … so you’ve got agri-tourism on one side and agri-terrorism on the other.”

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*Correction: Originally the headline read only “Department of Agriculture.” The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is of concern here.