Crony Duo: Bill Clinton and GE CEO Jeff Immelt team up to defend crony capitalism and Ex-Im

Ex-Im isn't just "Boeing's Bank."
Ex-Im isn’t just “Boeing’s Bank.”

If there are 2 guys who know about and have benefited from crony capitalism Bill Clinton and GE CEO Jeffery Immelt are those guys. They are political business people. They are fully on board with the corporate state. They believe that government and business should partner. They see no problem with crony capitalism. The stronger the partnership between government and business the better because that means more risk is underwritten by the US taxpayer while the crony class gets to reap the profits. So what if the money which goes to finance GE in Africa comes from everyday people who are sick of paying for corporations which in some years don’t pay a dime in federal taxes? So what? This is business Clinton and Immelt remind us. You, the peons just don’t get it. Just shut up and give GE and Boeing your money you serfs, you tax and debt slaves. Know your place. How dare you question the Export-Import Bank of the United States. How dare you.

(From The Hill)

“We don’t want to get in the middle of Washington’s political wars, but how important do you think it is for the future prospects of getting more financing in Africa for American businesses to renew the Export-Import Bank?” Clinton asked.

“There’s a lot of things to be critical about big businesses, and there’s a lot of things that don’t work in government, but exporting is not one of them and the Ex-Im Bank is not one of them,” Immelt responded. “And the fact that we have to sit here and argue for it I think is just wrong.”

Immelt and Obama.
Immelt and Obama.

That is absolutely precious. Jeff Immelt, head of Obama’s “Jobs Council” doesn’t want to get in the middle of Washington’s political wars.

The cronies are scared. They are angry that the unwashed might end their taxpayer financed slush fund.

What ever happened to the Dems who fought corporate welfare? Where did those people go?

Shut. It. Down.

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