Disruptor company Uber hires an Obama administration crony to protect itself

A few years ago.
A few years ago.

There’s still hope for Lyft I guess.

One can see why Uber hired David Plouffe as a senior consultant. He knows everyone in the Democrat machine and the Democrat machine runs the cities Uber wants to do business in. Essentially the cronies are extracting a toll for letting Uber play in their back yards. The cronies see a money making opportunity in a rising technology. Time now to get their claws in.

Pay to play. Uber hit a political wall and now It has to pay the crony tax (in addition to regular taxes) if it wants to survive. Of course my interpretation is that of jaded analyst of crony capitalism. Maybe Uber just likes the guy.


Regardless Uber is no longer a champion of innovation taking on the crony system as well as the marketplace. It feels it must go to the dark side to save itself.

(From Politico)

David Plouffe, the former campaign manager and White House adviser to President Barack Obama, is taking his political secret sauce to Uber late next month as senior vice president of policy and strategy, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick told POLITICO in an interview Tuesday.

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