Feds shut down last oyster cannery in California simply because they want to. No humans allowed at Pt. Reyes. (Video)

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We at ACC care very much about the environment. I personally love to hike, surf, and enjoy the great outdoors in all sorts of ways. I love wildlife. A broad empty vista is a beautiful thing to me. I revel in a starry sky devoid of human light.

But I am not about to flush the property rights of my fellow human beings just because I enjoy these things. I am certainly not willing to give power to disconnected bureaucrats who have little regard for the welfare and livelihoods of people who make their living from the land (or ocean) just because I happen to want to take a stroll without being impacted by others.

I believe that capitalism is in many ways more “sustainable” (especially when accounting for “externalities” and when incorporating sound money) than heavy handed, top down socialism. I’ve written about this in the past. There is no greater enemy of the environment than the state. There is no greater enemy of personal liberty than the state either.

With so called “public lands” a balance must be struck between the people who mix their efforts with the land to produce wealth, and “sustainability” concerns. Just because someone in Washington DC decides that a pretty piece of land should be devoid of human impact doesn’t mean that the state suddenly has the moral authority to kick people out. They did that to the people who lived on the Blue Ridge Mountains just to my west during the Depression.The feds sometimes burned houses down as families watched their meager possessions (including dogs which were ordered to be locked inside of houses) go up in flames.

Now instead of just burning homesteads down the Feds send in the BLM or crush people with unending legal bills.