Former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: Obama can act like a king on immigration, Use “executive action”

Below is the secondary title of former Bush Attorney General Gonzales’ op-ed in the USA Today –

We are a nation of laws, but also of immigrants. In border crisis, Obama must balance both.

Gonzales cc “But also of immigrants” ? So because we are a “nation of immigrants” we must abandon the rule of law because it is in the eyes of Gonzales prudent? How does one “balance” the LAW and something else? Why is immigration not conducive to the rule of law?

That’s insanity. One just does not suspend the rule of law because something comes up that Congress is not interested in moving on. That’s part of the Balance of Powers, the “checks and balances” built into the Constitution we all learned about in civics class. Our system of government is SUPPOSED to trend toward “gridlock” on occasion. When the public dislikes the president as much as it does now this is especially the case. Congress, is supposed to put the brakes on the executive. But on illegal immigration I fear Obama will try to do what he did with Obamacare which is to create a fait accompli, only this time he doesn’t even have the semi-legitimacy of a House of Representatives barely on his side.

He may just declare amnesty (or a form of it) to be so. Overwhelmingly the American people want action on the border but they are inclined more toward strict enforcement of immigration law, not executive action which negates it.

I am personally conflicted on many aspects of the crisis on our southern boarder. I love Latin America and many aspects of Latin American culture(s). I speak Spanish. I think that many of the kids we see are refugees from the Drug War.  But the current situation was created by Mr. Obama in the first place. He certainly should not be permitted to override Congress and the will of the American people to deal with a problem he has thrust on this country.

One additional thing. You’re right Mr. Gonzales, we don’t trust the President to faithfully execute any laws passed by Congress. Look at what the President has done with Obamacare, modifying it on the fly in direct challenge to the law. If he wanted the law changed the President was supposed to go back to Congress (even if it was a Congress he didn’t like) and change the law. He simply does not have the legal authority to do what he has done. Why would Congress and the American people ever expect Obama to adhere to any immigration law passed by Congress? It would only give him cover to trash the Constitution more.

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