George Will: From cupcakes to the police, fed up with government

Big govt cc Will nails it here. The reason people are rapidly losing confidence in government is because we see, increasingly with the Internet, just how bone headed government often is.

There was a time when the federal government was some distant thing in DC. Few understood what was really going on in the District. People let the government do what it did on faith. Surely our “leaders” had our best interests in mind. Plus government wasn’t very big anyway (relative to now) so the politicians couldn’t really screw things up too badly. 50 years ago the Feds didn’t have their finger in every aspect of American life. Heck 15 years ago we didn’t have the Department of Homeland Security and the various other bits of the post 9-11 security apparatus. There was no TSA. There was no waterboarding. Most federal departments and agencies didn’t have their own SWAT teams.

Add in all the other nonsense we now, or have had to put up with from government. SNAP advertised in the grocery stores. So called “Obamaphones.” TARP.  An increasingly sophisticated system of crony capitalism generally. Widespread use and acceptance of welfare. A bloated military. The attempt to pass SOPA. Obamacare forced upon the American public and then modified by an executive without authority to do so under the law. The border fiasco. Common Core. NSA domestic spying.

And this is just for starters.

Yeah, we’re “fed up.”

 (From The Washington Post)

Washington’s response to the menace of school bake sales illustrates progressivism’s ratchet: The federal government subsidizes school lunches, so it must control the lunches’ contents, which validates regulation of what it calls “competitive foods,” such as vending machine snacks. Hence the need to close the bake sale loophole, through which sugary cupcakes might sneak: Foods sold at fundraising bake sales must, with some exceptions, conform to federal standards.

What has this to do with police, from Ferguson, Mo., to your home town, toting marksman rifles, fighting knives, grenade launchers and other combat gear? Swollen government has a shriveled brain: By printing and borrowing money, government avoids thinking about its proper scope and actual competence. So it smears mine-resistant armored vehicles and other military marvels across 435 congressional districts because it can .

In the pre-Internet days the American people sensed that the folks in government were messing things up, but everyday citizens weren’t totally sure. Now we know. Not only is government often incompetent, and often rewards incompetence, government is malignant on top of this incompetence. The American people are just now waking up to how dangerous this is.

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