Here’s how much aid the US wants to send foreign countries in 2015, and why

I was recently talking with a friend who happens to be Jewish about aid to Israel. We were discussing Rand Paul and the dance he has to do with the official American Jewish political community on the issue of aid to Israel. Many in the pro-Israel crowd are vehemently against US aid to Israel being cut. They fear that Rand Paul would be open to the idea. For many American Jews this is a huge issue.

But my friend offered me some insight. He explained that he used to be for aid to Israel but that he had changed his mind after a visit to the country. He said that many Israelis just want to know the US has their back and would have no problem with an end to US aid. It is not a make or break issue for Israel.

US aid is however a make or break issue for the Israeli political class and the powerful socialist bloc in Israeli politics.

The attached infographic outlines how much money is going to which country and why. Israel is by no means the only country which benefits from American largess. But it is the largest recipient of aid with Afghanistan a distant second.

(From Global Post)

The charts below show how much money is being requested for foreign countries and for what. They are grouped by region. The box next to each bar indicates the largest area for which US aid money is being sought, and shows the percentage that category comprises of the total requested US assistance for that nation.

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