High level Conservative(s) in Britain defecting to UK Independence Party


The times they are a changin’ and they are a changin’ in jolly old England.

UKIP is kind of the British version of the Tea Party, but with some differences. (We are talking about a different country after all.) But it absolutely represents a middle class insurgency which is fed up with the European Union and a Britain which seems hell bent on marching ever more toward a soft (?) fascist state.

We can only hope that more Tories will join Nigel Farage in his effort to change Britain for the better.

This is Farage in the EU Parliament in 2011.


I must admit that I have a soft spot for Great Britain. I learned to speak the English language there and some of my very first memories are of a rainy London. This insurgency reflects a deeply British ethos which I always felt and which I always respected.

Americans should watch and take note.

(From The Telegraph)

Nigel Farage has warned David Cameron that more Tories will defect to Ukip after a leading right-wing MP resigned his seat and triggered a by-election. Douglas Carswell, the MP for Clacton in Essex, yesterday shocked Westminster by announcing that he was joining Mr Farage’s party after losing faith in David Cameron’s plans to claw back powers from Europe.