How Labor Money Undermines the Financial Literacy of California’s Legislators

This is a depressing graph.
A depressing graph for California taxpayers.

This comes to us from Ed Ring at the California Policy Institute

The problems began in the 1970′s when public sector unions were allowed to form. Steadily acquiring political power through automatic dues deductions, they used taxpayer’s money to lobby for the interests of government workers instead of the interests of the people they serve. Business interests, which were – and still are – evenly balanced between Republicans and Democrats, became marginalized. Increasingly, business candidates started losing races to candidates backed by government unions. Almost invariably, unions backed Democratic candidates. The more powerful these union backed candidates became, the more laws they enacted to further consolidate their power. Today government union rule in California is absolute – the fact they’ve backed Democrats is almost incidental. Big business interests either keep their head down, or they’ve sold their souls to cronyism, becoming the corrupt junior partners of a unionized government.

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