In wake of Ferguson shooting, progressives demand federal police czar

We at ACC have been highlighting the “warrior cop” phenomenon for a couple of years. The militarization of police forces is a very bad thing for our country. Cops shouldn’t have MRAPs, and grenade launchers and they certainly should not have snipers actively scanning protests.

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

But a “federal police czar”? A czar? This is one of the most colossally stupid ideas I’ve heard in the past month and I just came from Washington DC.

Yes, let’s begin the process of federalizing the police. No way that will speed up our Orwellian descent.

This is America. We are not supposed to have “czars” here.

(From CBS News)

Now, a group of notables and activists, joined by several members of the Congressional Black Caucus, are demanding the establishment of a federal police “czar,” employed by the Justice Department, to oversee local law enforcement practices and help prevent racial bias in policing.

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