Lawmaker Votes To Kill Uber… Then Caught Driving Drunk Just Hours Later

uber_logo_black cc See, with Uber you don’t need a designated driver and you don’t have to wait forever for a taxi. But vested interests in cities all over are doing their best to make life as difficult as possible for the innovative company. And you.

As Techdirt says, this one comes from the karma department.

It’s a little early in the data to tell for sure, but there are some early indications that ride services like Uber and Lyft decrease cases of drunk driving by making it that much easier for intoxicated people to get somewhere without getting behind the wheel themselves. So it seems notable, if somewhat ridiculous, that California State Senator Ben Hueso was arrested for drunk driving just hours after voting in favor of a taxi-lobby supported bill that would profoundly limit services like Uber and Lyft. The bill was designed to dump a bunch of unnecessary and burdensome regulations on those companies to make it difficult for them to compete or survive in California. 

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