Letting the cat out of the bag on the role of public employee unions

fdr c       cSome people get on us for pointing out that public employee unions are kind of a JV crony team which costs the taxpayers of this country billions each year. Invariably the people who benefit form unionized government work howl and insist that they are in fact the “good guys.” They are just trying to do their job and to be paid adequately for it. And oh, by the way, don’t touch their pension. We should focus our attention on the evil corporate America.

Thing is the public employee unions are at least as bad as many of the corporations who game the system to line their pockets. Public employee unions constitute a huge drain on the taxpayer and on our economy.

Fair pay for fair work is well, fair. But well paid jobs for life with lavish pensions (What’s a pension?) paid for by the private (productive) sector which is under pressure to a large extent because of bloated and overly expensive government, is just bad for the country.

I am sorry if you are on the wrong side of this equation. I don’t entirely blame you. Someone somewhere probably encouraged you to get a government job because it was “stable” and because it had good benefits. You just went along with the flow and came to see your surroundings as normal. Over time you realized that private sector work wasn’t really where it was at for you, and that you would likely have a hard time finding work in the private sector anyway. So you doubled down in your spot and began to dislike the taxpayers for whom you work. That is why you joined the union. (Not that you likely had the choice.) To squeeze as much from your employer (the American public) as possible.

It’s human nature but it’s still wrong.

The attached article is pretty partisan. Michael Barone explains that almost every cent of public union dues not siphoned off by administration goes to support Democratic lawmakers. In other words taxpayers indirectly fund the campaigns of Democrats.

But it’s not solely that the taxpayers are forced to pay for Democratic lawmakers that we have a problem with. It’s that taxpayers are forced to pay for more and more government through the public employee union system. And this is an important if nuanced distinction.

It’s not like we have much faith in the Republicans either. The issue is the size of the state and the cost to taxpayers.

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