Marion Barry wrecks car, owes $2800 in unpaid parking tickets, vehicle impounded

Barry cc

Suddenly though all the tickets have been paid. This guy is just such a character. Barry is endlessly interesting. Having lived outside of DC for years, trust me, this is true.


The Washington Times says the violations, which occurred between February 2012 and July 2014, include the following:

  • $1,460 in eight separate fines for failure to display current tags;
  • $684 for five automated-enforcement speeding tickets for driving 11 to 15 mph over the speed limit;
  • $150 for a red-light camera fine;
  • $120 for three parking tickets.
  • After Saturday’s crash, Barry received citations for driving against traffic, expired tags and lack of insurance. The fines associated with the citations are not yet clear.

Barry may not have to pay some of the parking tickets based on D.C. Code, which allows council members and Congress to park their cars on “any available curbs space” during “official business,” according to The Washington Times. The code would exempt him from paying three of the parking tickets.

In fairness it is practically impossible to go anywhere in a car in DC without getting a parking ticket.

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