Obama: Change Will Come If Corporate Lobbyists Work Harder To Pass My Agenda

obama cc

(From The Daily Caller)

“Well, I think — here’s what’s interesting. There’s a huge gap between the professed values and visions of corporate CEOs and how their lobbyists operate in Washington,” Obama said. “And I’ve said this to various CEOs. When they come and they have lunch with me — which they do more often than they probably care to admit (laughter) — and they’ll say, you know what, we really care about the environment, and we really care about education, and we really care about getting immigration reform done — then my challenge to them consistently is, is your lobbyist working as hard on those issues as he or she is on preserving that tax break that you’ve got? And if the answer is no, then you don’t care about it as much as you say.” -Barrack Obama

Candid and too true. Crony America. 

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