(Official) Lying will continue until no longer tolerated by public

We teach our children to be honest. Perhaps it's time to teach our "leaders."
We teach our children to be honest. Perhaps it’s time to teach our “leaders.”

It’s true. We the American people tolerate obvious lying by our public officials. There have been a string of bold faced lies told to the public by the CIA, NSA, IRS, and the State Department recently and we have let the agencies and leadership get away with it. So long as we continue to let things slide we will continue to be lied to.

For instance it was for weeks that the administration told us that the attacks in Benghazi were because of some film on YouTube. Then we found out that this was a complete lie, which was told over and over, and yet Susan Rice the mouthpiece for this ruse still has a job. Heck Obama wanted her to be Secretary of State.

It’s not naive to think that honesty before the public is possible. We’ve been conditioned to accept official dishonesty. We’ve been told many times and in many ways that “we can’t handle the truth” in both politics and in economics. That there are rules for everyday people and there are rules for the cronies.

It’s time to revisit this notion.

(From The Midland Daily News)

The New York Times penned a tepid editorial today that said the entire culture of the CIA needs changing, and that its employees do not understand the basic concept of the separation of powers.

We believe, however, that the problem is much deeper than the culture at the CIA. It is the culture in today’s government that lying about events is OK until you get caught lying.

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