Rand Paul = Democrats’ Enemy #1

Rand_Paul_CPAC cc

Let’s not forget the establishment Republicans who don’t like him either.

Why don’t they like him? Because he can win and in so doing would likely upset a balance of power to a large degree from which the crony class has been profiting for a long time.

No politician is perfect. Every politician at some point will let you down. But right now Rand Paul has the whole political machine zagging as he zigs. This is something new and it worries Washington DC, Dem and old school GOP alike.

(From The Daily Beast)

“He’s working not to get out of the conservative box but to redefine it,” Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network, told The Daily Beast. If Paul gets the nomination, he becomes the effective leader of his party—meaning his redefinition of that conservative box could become the definition, a problem for Democrats, as Paul has a tendency to stake out atypical positions for a conservative and reach across party lines.

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