Ron Paul: Not just a moment–we’re in the middle of a “libertarian transition”

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The one and only time I met Ron Paul was in his office in DC in 2007. I had long admired him and I had come to pitch Dr. Paul on becoming a client of mine. I was a fledgling stock broker and I thought I might be able to interest him in some gold stocks.

What’s funny is that as soon as I walked through the door of his office and he and I sat down I forgot all about doing business and we just talked politics and strategy for about 20-25 minutes.

I left his office with a deepened respect for the man. Something which rarely happens (I now know) after meeting a politician in person.


And that is the reason we see the great growth of libertarianism. So, if you look outside of Washington you see the moment as a, you know, not a precise moment, but the movement has been around and its growing by leaps and bounds. And it really came alive in these last several years. Especially during the presidential campaigns. Because not so much of me being there but being there at the right time because they was so much blatant failure. You saw the failure of the economic system and the collapse and we’re still in the middle of that. At the same time, the American people, I think 78% said the war in Iraq made no sense and we shouldn’t have been in there. So, I see it as more of an intellectual transition and its very very powerful. And I don’t see it as a I don’t see it as precisely a political movement that’s going to take over a political party. Keynesianism took over a whole mental status of the country that people endorsed it, both parties endorsed it and it meant that the two parties didn’t have that much in difference. So, I think if you’re really going to see a significant, big significant influence of libertarianism it will influence Democrats as well as Republicans.”

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