Senator Rockefeller traveling like a Rockefeller, but on the taxpayer’s dime?

J Rock

We often write about people who get into government and then live “rich” thanks to taxpayer money. It happens all the time in a myriad of forms. Meals, travel, conferences, hotels, you name it. Our officials like to live well and this is abuse enough of the taxpayer.

However it’s particularly galling when politicians who are legitimately RICH take advantage of the taxpayer. Senator Rockefeller from West Virginia for instance charges us for his private jet flights back to The Mountain State.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Sen. Jay Rockefeller comes from one of America’s wealthiest families and represents a state only 60 miles from the District of Columbia, yet he travels home almost exclusively via private charter plane at $4,400 per trip and sends the bill to taxpayers.

There are as many as six commercial flights a day between D.C. and Charleston, W.Va., the city Rockefeller flies to and from. A round-trip ticket for the one-hour flight costs as little as $206.

Rockefeller’s aversion to traveling as most other Americans do may be somewhat ironic, as he is chairman of the Senate committee with jurisdiction over transportation issues.

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