The taxes of the janitor and the bazillionare in New York City (Infographic)

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I am pretty sure the point the creators of this infographic are trying to make is that the bazillionares should “pay their fair share.”

I have a different take.

I think that this simple graphic illustrates what happens when one is connected and what happens when one is not.

Taxes, particularly income taxes are just flat out unjust. Why tax people for being productive? How insanely stupid is that? But I pay them for the same reason most people do, because I don’t want any trouble. Just like the butcher in Little Italy paid Guido the Enforcer back in the day. We pay our taxes so that we can go on about our lives. It’s a fairly simple equation.

But wouldn’t it make more sense to tax everyone the same amount? The same percentage? I mean if we have to be taxed shouldn’t we just be able to say “Hey, here’s my 10%. Now let me do what I need to do to take care of my family.”

It is obvious that this is far more just than our current system. Toss aside the people who argue for a “progressive income tax” because frankly they don’t know what they are talking about. (I am fully aware that this constitutes a whole cadre of learned and esteemed economists and political scientists.) A simple percentage of 10% (and even that is not really just) would free up the economy and would spur jobs. Which would then create other employees and business owners who would pay the 10% tax and wouldn’t feel like they were being, well, how can I put this without offending anyone? Being taken advantage of.