(Video) Cop says, “Obama has decimated the Constitution so I don’t give a damn. If he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

Constitution CCCC

When Breitbart.com finds common cause with animal rights activists you know that there is something very strange happening in the country.

The cop in the video just says what many people in law enforcement probably already think. If there is no rule of law for the president, if he can operate by decree, if the president believes might makes right, then shoot, so do I. The police are part of the “apparatus.” We need not deal with the Constitution. It just gets in the way. Just like Obama thinks it does.

It’s banana republic thinking and we had better turn it around. Right, Left, or otherwise the rule of law is key to a civilized society. We don’t want all of America to operate like Chicago. This is supposed to be a special place. We are supposed to be different. The average person is supposed to be respected here. The rule of law is supposed to hold for citizens, police, and presidents alike.

But some, as this video illustrates, don’t really feel that way.