Washington DC has been throwing a party with your money. Suck it up America. What are you going to do about it?

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I don’t agree with everything John Tamny writes but boy does he hit the target in this piece.

For as long as there have been “leaders” they have lived off of the wealth created by their subjects, or in some cases – citizens. But people forget (or simply don’t know) how well the political class lives and how little regard is given by those who owe their livelihoods to taxpayers to the taxpayers.

Washington, for the most part, simply doesn’t like you. But they will take your money.

The sad truth is that for many in the political class, not all, but for many, you and I are mere annuities. We are wealth generators for central command. To the degree that we generate wealth we are of value. To the degree that we are “good earners” (Where have I heard this term before?) we are of value. So long as we remain an asset (in one form or another) and not a liability we get to stick around.

Though Tamny points out that this has always been the case, and sadly is likely to some degree to remain the case, there is some hope. The Internet shines light into the dark recesses of government.

Shine that light. There are a lot of people who would love to know how their leaders are living while they struggle to pay the mortgage.

(From Real Clear Markets)

Breaking down to the individual the high living of Churchill, Stalin and Truman during World War II, or African leaders last week, their lives of plenty were and are only possible insofar as they were and are able to consume wealth created by others. Ok, we know this is what politicians do, but can any individual reader say with a straight face that their individual economy is enhanced when portions of their paychecks are confiscated only to be spent by politicians, or redirected by politicians to other people and programs they deem worthy? Was your individual economy improved with the bailout of Citigroup?

No doubt the sighting of politicians at the Four Seasons is small in the big picture, and the real government waste surely extends well beyond hotel suites. Fair enough, but readers irrespective of ideology would do well to visit Washington, D.C. with government spending very much in mind.

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