Whoopie Goldberg says on her show that bad teachers should not have jobs for life. Teacher unions go crazy. (Video)

Goldberg cc

Lord knows I disagree with a lot of what Whoopie Goldburg has said over the years. But in this clip she is dead on. Ms. Goldberg takes on the teacher unions for taking exception to her belief that bad teachers shouldn’t be able to get tenure. She is angry.

What a radical idea! Teachers which are screwing up our kids’ education shouldn’t have jobs for life so that they can screw up the educations of other students down the road. What kind of reactionary, horrible, unliberal person would even let that thought enter their heads?

Well it entered Whoopie’s, and from the looks of it it entered the heads of the entire View audience. (Almost all female, mostly it looks of child bearing age.)

I am fortunate enough to have a number of friends and clients who are of a liberal disposition. I have found that when the teacher tenure and even school choice issues are discussed there is huge agreement between what is called Right and Left. This is bad bad news for the unions. And that is why they are freaking out.

The only people who don’t want real teacher accountability are the folks at the NEA. And they REALLY don’t want accountability.

Sorry unions. Times are tough. If we are going to pay for schools we want to make sure we are getting value for our tax dollar. Get used to it.