Why Eric Cantor really resigned (Hint: It involves getting paid)

Cantor cc

Eric Cantor up and quit on Thursday. It seems that life outside of House leadership was just too much for him to bear. Even for 4 months. Way to serve your district Mr. Cantor. Way to do the honorable thing.

According to Politico the now former congressman has spent most of the summer licking his wounds in The Hamptons. This is also coincidentally where Wall Street goes on vacation in the summer.

Word is Cantor stands to make about $1 million per year as a lobbyist. He has to strike while the iron isn’t completely cold I guess.

(From Politico)

But several GOP lawmakers and aides suggested to POLITICO that there was more to this move. The last thing he wanted, they said, was to endure the humbling shift from 11 years in the leadership to being a back bencher, even if only for four months. And, they said he was already focused on the next chapter of his life in the private sector.

Although members can explore new job opportunities while still in office, his departure from Congress means that Cantor won’t have to disclose any companies or firms with whom he may be negotiating for a job…

…“He knows a great deal, but he always try to learn more,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). “And no one will outwork him ever.”

McCarthy added, “there is no one he doesn’t know or legislation he hasn’t worked. But he also knows financial markets well.”

Well good for him.

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