With Christie hobbled, Jeb Bush’s lukewarm (at best) reception, Establishment GOP floats another Romney run?

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Yes, this is the genius masterstroke the DC GOP has been waiting for.

You have to hand it to the establishment. They keep trying. So what if Romney is another big government Republican which a large part of the GOP vote couldn’t really support in 2012. The consultants which got paid big time during the 2012 Romney run could get paid again! And if Romney could somehow get the nomination it would be another blow to the libertarian/conservative coalition in the Tea Party. Win/win. Well not for the American people, and probably not for Mitt Romney. But certainly a win for the folks who work in Downtown DC.

Check out what Pat Caddell, legendary pollster and political operative had to say about what happened in 2012. And now the establishment GOP wants to do it all over again?

Romney I am almost sure is a nice guy. He’s probably a capable manager. But he is not anything resembling what this country needs right now. A Romney/Clinton contest would basically pit 2 people with similar views on nearly everything against one another. Both Romney and Clinton are for generally larger government. Both are for a generally activist foreign policy. Both are intimately tied to the banks.

And that is why another Romney candidacy is being floated right now. Very powerful interests want to sew up the presidential race as early as possible. That is why they’ve been pushing Christie (originally) and Jeb, and now Romney.

For the cronies very little should ever be left to chance. Romney and Clinton (along with Christie and Bush) are safe choices. We wouldn’t want anyone who isn’t fully vetted by the powers that be in the Oval Office. Who knows what might happen? They might even try to reduce the size of government. And Lord knows we can’t have that.

(From The Telegraph)

But is it possible? There are different scenarios floated. One option has Mr Romney emerging from a brokered nominating convention as a compromise candidate. Perhaps a more likely scenario is this: The 2016 Republican field fails to draw a top-tier establishment contender, such as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, opening the door for Mr Romney to be “drafted” into entering the election – perhaps as late as September 2015.

Because of his name recognition and fundraising network, Mr Romney could postpone any sort of decision until such a time, and enter the race tanned and rested – long after some of the other candidates have started to wear out their welcome with the public.

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