You want $14.00/hour for unskilled work? OK, please meet your replacement. (Picture)

The SEIU and other unions want very much to turn fast food workers into a unionized force. The Dems want desperately to turn fast food workers into unionized voters. The “minimum wage debate” centers around giving unsophisticated potential voters something to motivate them to the voting booth.

The problem is an increase in the minimum wage will only hasten the destruction of low skill jobs.

As far as fast food goes, the trend generally is against the unhealthy stuff. But people buy it because it’s quick, easy, and cheap. That it’s cheap is probably most key. Raise the minimum wage and the fat bombs become more expensive and less appetizing.

However the fast food joints know this and so will probably resort to the below instead. Actually they’re already doing it.

*I should note that I have worked fast food jobs and that some people think that working at Wendy’s or McDonald’s is easy. It is not. It is actually quite difficult and can be very stressful. It is work which should be respected.

McDonalds cc