Selling raw milk is not a crime: Celebrating edible liberty at Food Freedom Fest

“My wife said she didn’t know the lactose industry was so intolerant.”– Rep. Thomas Massie (KY)

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I wish I had been able to go to this event, especially as it was just on the other side of the mountain from where I live.

The large food companies and the government have long worked hand in glove at the state, federal, and even international levels to manipulate regulations and to channel taxpayer revenue. Controlling the food supply works for both Big Ag and for Big Government. There’s a lot of money and power in food. People can’t live without it.

Increasingly however some folks are opting out of the industrial food game – at least to some degree. My wife for one, who is hardly an activist is on-board. And she is hardly alone in our little town.

The general trend toward conscious eating (and shopping in general) threatens Big Ag and the way it has long done business.



“US regulations on farmers are overly burdensome. They are disproportionately onerous for small producers. Additionally, many regulations are there to keep smaller producers from viable income. So essentially, it’s to protect big industry.”

Gary Cox, one of the co-founders of the FTCLDF, presented at the event and reviewed the organization’s seven-year history. As its chief trial lawyer, he said that regulatory enforcement has shifted emphasis from raw milk to zoning: “We hardly ever see a raw-dairy case any more… It is interesting how local-zoning cases are most important to government right now.”

Cox sees the battle only becoming more fierce, with clashes over locally produced meat and food sovereignty “sweeping the nation.”

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