Why Does Planned Parenthood Oppose Over-The-Counter Birth Control? Because They’d Make Less Money

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And the drug companies would lose money too as the author of the attached article points out.

Over the counter birth control makes total sense. It would save the consumer time and money. It probably would encourage more choice of product in the marketplace and innovation generally. A solid win for consumers.

But a loss for the cronies.

(From Forbes.com)

Big drug companies benefit greatly from the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate. The mandate means that nearly every woman in the U.S. currently uses first-dollar insurance coverage to buy birth control. This hides the cost of consumption for her, and allows pharmaceuticals to raise the prices that insurers must pay for these products.  Those costs are built into our premiums and we all end up paying more as a result.  This price-shielding process also encourages the consumption of the covered products (shifting consumers away from non-covered contraceptives, like condoms, or toward the more expensive products among those covered), which can mean big profits for these companies.

Planned Parenthood’s stance on expanding access to birth control may be illogical in light of their mission statement, but it is perfectly logical when you consider the group’s financial interests. Planned Parenthood rakes in $1.2 billion annually; more than a third of their services involve providing contraception to women (and billing third parties for those costs).

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