A real look inside the Crony Media: Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson shows us in her new book

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Even many of my liberal friends now acknowledge a strong statist bias in the #oldmedia. It’s not just how stories are reported but perhaps more importantly WHAT STORIES are reported.

I listen to NPR all the time. Mostly in the morning. Invariably the meat of the broadcast shows a strong disconnect from the important stories I read first thing earlier that day. I (and I’ll bet most Americans) don’t care about UN Day. Sorry.

I have written this before, but in another life I interned for a cable news station which wanted to become something like Fox News (it went bust). Only unlike Fox this station was explicitly conservative. It was unabashed in it “conservativeness.” And yet practically the entire production staff and probably most of the reporters were pretty solidly liberal. Even at the out and out conservative station the people running the show (day to day) were pretty liberal. I can just imagine what it’s like at CNN or CBS.

(From The New York Post)

In nearly 20 years at CBS News, she has done many stories attacking Republicans and corporate America, and she points out that TV news, being reluctant to offend its advertisers, has become more and more skittish about, for instance, stories questioning pharmaceutical companies or car manufacturers.

Working on a piece that raised questions about the American Red Cross disaster response, she says a boss told her, “We must do nothing to upset our corporate partners . . . until the stock splits.” (Parent company Viacom and CBS split in 2006)…

…She was turning up leads tying the Fast and Furious scandal (which involved so many guns that ATF officials initially worried that a firearm used in the Tucson shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords might have been one of them) to an ever-expanding network of cases when she got an e-mail from Katie Couric asking if it was OK for Couric to interview Eric Holder, whom Couric knew socially, about the scandal. Sure, replied Attkisson.

No interview with Holder aired but “after that weekend e-mail exchange, nothing is the same at work,” Attkisson writes. “The Evening News” began killing her stories on Fast and Furious, with one producer telling Attkisson, “You’ve reported everything. There’s really nothing left to say.”

Readers are left to wonder whether Holder told Couric to stand down on the story.

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