Black leaders in Chicago call out crony urban political machine (Video)

BrokenPromises_JohnFekner ccThis is encouraging. If there is any place where free market reforms can help people practically immediately it is in the inner cities of the United States. Decades of massive government in our metropolises have created nothing but poverty and war zones, death, addiction, and despair.

When I was in college I sold insurance over the phone for a large insurance company. This was the late 90s. I remember one specific conversation I had with a man who had had a convenience store in Baltimore for 40 years. We went through the usual questions and then we briefly touched on why the quote I had given him was so high. I apologized, but I said that it looked to me like he was in a high crime zone. He agreed that that made sense. Then he lamented the decline of the neighborhood. And one thing stood out particularly from that conversation. He sighed and said that his taxes were so high he’d probably have to shut down soon. There were no other stores around and he had been in business for 4 decades but, I remember he said, “It’s like they don’t want ANY business where I live.”

If there is any place which is in need of a (peaceful) revolt against big government it is in America’s poor urban neighborhoods.

Good luck fellows.