Bloodbath? CNN: 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed

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I hate that it’s a 0 or 1 binary political situation, Democrat or Republican, Coke/Pepsi, and in some ways it’s not. The Libertarian Party has made huge headway in many places this year just by simply saying and reflecting what people actually believe. The guy in the North Carolina Senate race is awesome.

Below is my sense of the political landscape at this moment. I do not necessarily agree with all of these sentiments but it is where I think the country is right – and I mean right – now.

– Most people are fairly OK on gay marriage so long as it doesn’t erode basic bourgeois sensibilities and institutions. Americans for the most part want people to be free and happy.

– Most people don’t like Obama but they recognize his important place in American history as the first black president and they don’t want to impeach the guy. That would probably be bad for the country. If he spends the next 2 years playing golf on the taxpayer’s dime I think most people would be cool with that.

– In other words, some kind of executive immigration declaration would not be wise. (For the President.)

– ISIS or whatever it is called this week is seen as a legit threat, but we are all pretty cynical at this point. That this particular war happened just before the election is probably no accident.

– Ebola is a very real and potentially a huge wildcard. Most folks are relieved that we haven’t seen a wildfire situation and they (including me) hope and pray that we won’t. (This is the biggest variable in the game presently.)

– Folks don’t like Congress but they really don’t like the president. (This is the core electorate.)

– People will be happy to see Harry Reid gone from leadership but it’s not like they are looking forward to McConnell running the Senate. Really just a change in flavor. This could be a very large issue for the GOP if they were to take the Senate.

– Neither party reflects anything close to integrity in the eyes of voters. America feels a strong, and I mean strong, disconnect from its supposed “leaders” no matter the party. This has been going on for many years (perhaps 10, maybe 20) which tells me that when it breaks, it breaks in a fairly big way. Think FDR New Deal type change, but toward free markets and open source generally and away from statism. Huge opportunity here for entrepreneurs and budding political wonks.

Most of all the economy is gnawing at everyone. We’re sick of feeling like this. It’s been a long slog. If unemployment is at 5.9% why does the economy still feel like shit?

Just my off the cuff political assessment  on 10-27-2014.

 (From CNN)

The CNN/ORC poll shows that 30% of Americans are “very angry” and 38% are “somewhat angry” about the way things are going in the country, while 31% expressed “no anger” at all. CNN Polling Director Keating Holland notes the 31% of “very angry” Americans matches the mood of the country in 2010 when Republicans took back control of the House.

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