California Obamacare cronies got paid big via no bid state contracts

One day soon even beauty like this won't be enough to put up with the government in California.
One day even beauty like this won’t be enough to put up with the government in California.

I feel like I have to say this every time a story like this comes out of California, and stories like these come out of California all the time.

You people are screwing up a beautiful and once fantastic place! Everything in the state appears to be crooked, at least when it comes to government.


The pro-gun control senator who was running guns.

The legislator who voted restrict Uber and was then caught driving under the influence that night.

The winery the bureaucrats crushed because they used volunteers.

The oyster cannery that was shut down just because the state decided it wanted to shut it down.

The insane teacher unions.

The insane prison guard unions.

Crony Hollywood.

City workers making $140,000/year in dirt poor cities.

The monorail boondoggle.

The Alemeda County administrator who will be paid $423,000/year for the rest of her life.

And on and on.

Anyway here’s the latest California government stupidity.

(From The AP)

California’s health insurance exchange has awarded $184 million in contracts without the competitive bidding and oversight that is standard practice across state government, including deals that sent millions of dollars to a firm whose employees have long-standing ties to the agency’s executive director.

Covered California’s no-bid contracts were for a variety of services, ranging from public relations to paying for ergonomic adjustments to work stations, according to an Associated Press review of contracting records obtained through the state Public Records Act.

Several of those contracts worth a total of $4.2 million went to a consulting firm, The Tori Group, whose founder has strong professional ties to agency Executive Director Peter Lee, while others were awarded to a subsidiary of a health care company he once headed.

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