(Doctor) Rand Paul: Obama Foolishly Letting ‘Political Correctness’ Influence Ebola Decisions

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As we said last night the government has to be open about what is going on.

I get that the government isn’t open about practically anything, but in this case there is little room for the normal bureaucratic stupidity. We need to be informed and our officials need to put aside the politically correct niceties and get very real.

By the way the Dow is down almost 250 points right now.

(From The Daily Caller)

“I really think it is being dominated by political correctness,” Paul said Wednesday on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, referencing comments from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agency downplaying the risk of infection to Americans. “And I think because of political correctness, we’re not really making sound, rational, scientific decisions on this.”

Said Paul, an ophthalmologist: “For example, if you’re [having] a worldwide conference of African leaders right now, wouldn’t it make sense to delay it for four months and not have them all come to New York City? It’s ridiculous for them to be underplaying this threat and saying no big deal.”

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