Here’s the First U.S. Senator to Publicly Declare His Support for Marijuana Legalization

Merkley cc

Good to see this. The drug war is a waste. It causes incredible harm to citizens. It encourages all sorts of cronyism. Marijuana legalization would be a very positive development for the country and a win for those who hold the Constitution dear. That’s right Tea Party, pot legalization is absolutely a win for constitutionality.

For the record I think cannabis legalization is something which under the Constitution the states would define the legality of, and that seems to be happening already.

(From Mediaite)

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) told Talking Points Memo on Wednesday that he plans to vote in favor of a referendum on Election Day that would legalize marijuana in Oregon. Similar to the measures in place in Colorado and Washington, the Oregon proposal would green-light marijuana use for recreational purposes and would allow the state to tax and regulate it.

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