2nd nurse with Ebola called CDC (multiple times) before boarding flight

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She called multiple times! She said that she had a fever. But because the fever wasn’t high enough according to some chart, even though she had been treating an Ebola positive patient, someone at the CDC gave her the OK TO FLY ON A PLANE!

OK, I get how people want to have faith in government and all that. But this is insanity. This is stupidity. This is “experts” on display. They do not know what they are doing.

The CDC should never have let this nurse get on a plane even if she was asymptomatic. But she had symptoms. The bureaucrats let her fly to Cleveland anyway. Just a low grade fever – after treating a guy who just died from Ebola. No problem. The government’s got it all under control.

It is important to note that panic does no good. Panic induces stupid decisions. Now is the time for smart people to pay close attention and to think for themselves and for their families.

(From CBS News)

In the case of Amber Vinson, the Dallas nurse who flew commercially as she was becoming ill with Ebola, one health official said “somebody dropped the ball.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that Vinson called the agency several times before flying, saying that she had a fever with a temperature of 99.5 degrees. But because her fever wasn’t 100.4 degrees or higher, she didn’t officially fall into the group of “high risk” and was allowed to fly.

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* By the way, it should be noted how the CDC tried to say that the reason the first nurse got infected was because she “didn’t follow protocol” somehow. Though it appears now there was no protocol. And today the CDC tried to paint Ms. Vinson as the bad guy who got on a plane, again violating protocol. Though clearly Ms. Vinson should have known not to get on the plane, the CDC certainly is to blame here if she indeed called multiple times and they gave her clearance