How government may soon kill franchising as a business model in the USA

It would be harder for Apu these days.
Life is harder for Apu these days. Thank you. Come again.

If it does it will kill a major tool for upward mobility in America. And all to satisfy a narrow band of labor activists.

Why can’t we get a real recovery going? That the government is flat out hostile to business, market forces, and even the rule of law is a big part of the problem that’s for sure.

(From The National Review)

But not everyone is unhappy with the NLRB ruling. Kendall Fells, organizing director of Fast Food Forward, was thrilled with the decision. “As the federal government’s determination shows, McDonald’s clearly uses its vast powers to control franchisees in just about every way possible,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

And who exactly is behind Fast Food Forward? The Service Employees International Union, of course — the group that has been staging demonstrations against McDonald’s and other fast-food franchises for more than two years, demanding higher wages and the right to organize their workers.

And that’s what the latest missive from the NLRB is all about: making it easier for labor unions to turn hundreds of thousands of individually owned small businesses into one giant union hall — and making it easier for trial lawyers to sue the deep-pocketed parent company for the mistakes of individual owners.

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