Meet the New Serfs: You

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A question we ask periodically here is whether we are citizens or subjects? Perhaps we are serfs, or at least many of us are. Over and over again the state shows contempt for the average person. It is chronicled everyday day in the news. Police beatings. IRS harassment. “No knock” raids at the wrong house. And it seems there is little if any accountability. The state just rolls on and asks “What are you going to do about it?”

Ever notice how this doesn’t happen in the private sector? Ever notice that, for the most part, if things go wrong in private commerce efforts are made to correct a wrong?

“I am sorry sir that your steak is overcooked,” says the restaurant manager, “Please let me take it off of your bill. Can I bring another one out to you?” I saw this happen last night at the table next to me at a chain restaurant. The manager, the restaurant, cares. Why? Because they want your continued business but also because they know you might go on Facebook or Yelp and express what a bad time you had.

The government in contrast isn’t going to bring you out a new “steak” when it makes a mistake. It doesn’t care what you think. It doesn’t care that it wronged you. Invariably any mistake made by the police, county, state, Feds, becomes your problem. Try fighting a parking ticket, or a wrongful raid on your house by the local SWAT team.

(From The National Review)

For fun sometime, call the comical New York State tax department and note the intentionally garbled phone numbers on the recording about how to get in touch with a tax agent’s superior to complain or ask a question.

The strange flip-side — the second half of Samuel Francis’s “anarcho-tyranny” — is that the brunt of government abuse falls on the law-abiding. Illinois, for example, makes it difficult for an ordinary citizen to legally carry a gun for self defense — up until a couple of years ago, doing so was categorically prohibited. But Illinois police seize thousands of illegal guns from criminals each year, and the state prosecutes practically none of those weapons cases. The law-abiding — by definition law-abiding — citizens applying for concealed-carry permits get treated like criminals, and the actual criminals do not. If you follow the law and inform Illinois authorities that you have a gun in the home, you invite all sorts of intrusion and oversight. If you don’t, nobody’s really looking. Meanwhile, the streets of Chicago are full of blood, going on 1,600 shootings this year and it’s not even Halloween. Nobody is held responsible for that carnage, but if you put an eleventh round in your legally owned rifle in Oak Park, you’re looking at jail time.

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